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Happy Ending Massage

Happy Ending Massage
  1. How to Understand a Happy Ending Massage
  2. Preparing For a Massage With a Happy Ending
  3. What are The Erotic Massage Techniques?

  4. Think Over the Sequence of Actions

Do you want to master the art of happy ending massage to perfection? Learn to drive crazy with touch while doing a full body massage? Do you dream of learning how to make professional massage fascinating or even bring your partner to orgasm without sexual contact? Catch the complete guideline to erotic massage. We will tell you what is a happy ending massage at massage parlours, what popular techniques and secret tips to use so that your partner, and you get genuine pleasure.

How to Understand a Happy Ending Massage

Erotic massage is a special type of massage that relaxes and energizes the partner and ends in a hand job (if you are a man). Erotic massage allows you to better know your partner’s body, wake up sleeping erogenous zones and increase sensitivity.

Girls can also get a happy ending massage with sexual activities. Here, it will be a massage, where the masseur involves clitoral stimulation or fingering sex. If you’ve heard that such a massage ends with penetrative sex, that’s not strictly correct. We cannot call this massage a happy ending. Everything you need to know on how to ask a massage therapist for erotic massage and do it yourself to your partner is here.

We can do erotic massage in a massage parlor or at home before sex as foreplay. Using rubdown, blow job, and full body massage, your partner will get a brighter and more intense orgasm. Also, erotic massage can be used as an independent practice. This type of massage will be a unique opportunity to bring your soulmate to orgasm without sexual contact and even hands.

Preparing For a Massage With a Happy Ending

If you have turned to massage parlors to enjoy a professional massage service, the specifics will vary depending on what kind of massage therapist you have. But if you are doing a massage with a happy ending at home, there are some nuances you should know. Following our advice, you can give your partner a sensual professional massage.

Step 1: Preparing the Atmosphere

To enjoy a massage session for both partners, you need to prepare for it. It is advisable to prepare a bed or set up a massage table in advance so that you have full access to your partner’s body.

You can dim the lights or light candles, turn on relaxing background music. This will help you feel comfortable.

It is important to make sure that the room is warm enough so that you are pleased and not cold. Think ahead about sex positions, inner thighs and nuru

Step 2: Use Massage Oil

Experts advise using aromatic oils and various lotions for sensual massage. Thanks to their use, you can create a romantic atmosphere, saturate the air with pleasant aromas and enhance sensual pleasure.

It is believed that the best massage agent is quality peach, olive, or almond oil. You can also use grapeseed or shea oils making regular massage. These oils warm up quickly and allow your hands to glide well over the skin.

A few drops of energizing essential oils can be added. Vanilla, jasmine, nutmeg works well. But we should not apply such oil to the genital area to avoid side effects.

It is significant to control the temperature of oils and lotions. To keep them always warm, place a bowl of hot water next to you.

Step 3: A Slow and Sensual Start to Tantric Massage

Your massage therapist will start a full body massage. But the first thing he touches is your back. He may use hot oils or lotion, could be clothed, or topless. You can discuss this beforehand. 

Gradually, you will feel how the therapist moves to your erogenous zones and works every inch of your body from 30 minutes to 90 minutes using all kinds of techniques. 

When giving a happy ending massage to your partner, start from the back, and then pay attention to every detail of the body and erogenous zones.

Step 4: Time to Roll Over Onto Your Back

Halfway through the massage, ask your partner to turn over onto his / her front. If you massage a guy, start with his neck, thighs, face, chest. If there is a girl in front of you, then be sure to touch her breasts. You can start massaging the genital and even do oral sex to your guy.

Step 5: The Happy Ending

The point of a happy ending massage is sexual pleasure. At the very end of the massage, you will get an orgasm from a hand job or clitoral stimulation. If you are giving an erotic massage to your partner, then by the non-verbal cues and the movement of his body, you will want to stop everything and have sex. But we still advise you to enjoy this process and not touch the masseuse. You will definitely get orgasm and ejaculation and remember this massage for a long time. You will want to repeat it over and over again.

What are The Erotic Massage Techniques?

There are many erotic massage techniques. Among the most popular are Body massage – done with a naked body, Lingam massage – penis massage for men, Yoni massage – massage of a woman’s intimate zone, Foot Job – erotic massage with female legs. We can perform different techniques with the forearms, buttocks, chest, or hips.

Basic Techniques

Erotic massage should not be too active or hurt your partner. This massage gives pleasant sensations and relaxes the body. To get your partner to orgasm and ejaculation, it is enough to master several upfront techniques and alternate them.


A pleasant and simple element of regular massage that is the key to any happy ending massage technique. You can start and end the massage of any part of the body using this particular element. Stroking is also good after more active techniques. Try to keep your touch gentle, touch your palms to the body, be passionate with inner thighs and other parts.


Using this movement, we relax the muscles, improve blood circulation and warm up the body before the happy ending massage. Massaging the back and buttocks with this movement, we lightly press with both hands on the body. You can also place one palm on top of the other and press in a circular motion, add blow job or oral sex.


This movement is a bit like the previous one. It relieves clamps well, relaxes tense muscles of the back, neck, arms, and legs. To apply this movement during a massage, you need to connect your thumbs and lightly press and make circular motions. The main thing is not to overdo it. Powerful pressure can hurt your partner.

Think Over the Sequence of Actions

Erotic massage should use the body to the maximum. Only in this way the partner will get pleasure and orgasm.

Start by massaging the head. Do not use oil. Stroke, rub and squeeze your partner’s scalp, ears, and temples with your fingers.

Smoothly move to the neck, shoulders, and back using the techniques and movements we have already talked about. Start adding oil by preheating it in your hands and your regular massage would be great.

Move to the buttocks, and lower to the thighs and calves. Ask your partner to roll over and massage the other side of the legs.

After that, massage his hands and palms and smoothly move on to light massage of the chest.

Finish with a full body massage and stimulation of the intimate zones. Erotic massage does not have to end with sex. But you can make it a delightful gift for your partner.